HAB PHARMA Launches ARTVIGIL 250MG – What You Must Know

Armodafinil is a popular prescription drug, but the top generic form is ARTVIGIL. Initially, it was created as a 150MG tablet, but now there is a stronger option. It’s time to learn everything you can about ARTVIGIL 250!

What Is ARTVIGIL 250?

 ARTVIGIL 250 is a generic form of armodafinil. Each tablet contains 250mg of armodafinil, the active ingredient. That means you can remain focused, stay awake longer, and get a consistent feeling of being alert!

Currently, ARTVIGIL 250 is the superstar. It’s proven to work and has thousands of happy customers who routinely purchase more of the product.

People who use it swear that it’s effective and potent.

HAB PHARMA is a reputable Indian manufacturer of this product, and it’s recently been launched. In fact, ARTVIGIL is only surpassed by Waklert. The primary difference here is price and the effects. The manufacturers use different chemical ingredients and fillers, but they both have the same active substance (armodafinil).

How Does ARTVIGIL 250 Work?

When you take ARTVIGIL 250, the armodafinil inside fires up your brain to help you stay alert. Plus, it raises your breathing rate to promote more oxygen to the brain.

Common side effects include excitability and nervousness. It’s best to take the medication with food on your stomach to avoid nausea.

Chemical Composition

 Armodafinil is the successor to modafinil. In a sense, modafinil molecules have two enantiomers – S Modafinil and R Modafinil. The “R” version is more active and promotes wakefulness.

Therefore, armodafinil only uses R Modafinil, so it’s more potent and intense.

While they have similar features, armodafinil reaches the peak concentration in the blood later than its counterpart. Therefore, it’s more effective and can improve wakefulness in people who often want to sleep during the day.

Do you often experience sleep apnea, narcolepsy, or have shift-work sleep issues? ARTVIGIL 250 can help you! The original, ARTVIGIL 150, worked well, but some people had to take multiple tablets to get results. Now, they have a stronger option that can save them money and time!

Its action mechanism hasn’t been fully determined yet. Overall, it doesn’t inhibit or bind to enzymes and receptors that are relevant for wake/sleep regulation. This includes those for dopamine, serotonin, galanin, adenosine, melanocortin, melatonin, orphanin, orexin-1, benzodiazepines, and transports for GABA, tyrosine hydroxylase, and more.


There are many ways to use ARTVIGIL 250, including:

  • Reduce shift work disorder and narcolepsy
  • Cure excessive sleepiness from sleep apnea
  • Improve your thinking, mood, emotions, and perception

Typically, you only need one pill per day. The time you take it depends on your issue. For example, those with shift work disorder should use it before they start work. Otherwise, it’s best to take your tablet in the morning before you begin your day. This ensures that you don’t fall asleep while running errands or getting the kids ready for school!


Do you suffer from sleep apnea, narcolepsy, or shift-work sleeping issues? Maybe you’ve tried similar products, including the ARTVIGIL 150, and found that it only worked for a few hours. Regardless of your situation, it’s time to see what ARTVIGIL 250 can do for you!

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